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Long distance path GR5 Hoek van Holland - Nice

With the help of this website (multi-day) hikes can be planned.
Distances, elevation differences and walking times can be determined for any desired stage.
It is also possible to download gpx files for the hikes.

The GR5 is a long distance walking route that starts in Hoek van Holland and ends in Nice. The route passes through the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France and Switzerland.

GR5 Benelux
- GR5 Netherlands
- GR5 Belgium
- GR5 Luxembourg
- GR5 Benelux

GR5 Luxembourg to Lake Geneva
- Schengen to Nyon

GR5 Grande Traversée des Alpes
- Thonon-Les-Bains to Les Houches
- Les Houches to Modane
- Modane to Briançon
- Briançon to Larche
- Larche to Nice
- Thonon-Les-Bains to Nice

Map GR5

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