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European long distance path E8 Ireland - Poland

With the help of this website (multi-day) hikes can be planned.
Distances, elevation differences and walking times can be determined for any desired stage.
It is also possible to download gpx files for the hikes.

E8 Ireland
- Dursey Island - Dublin

E8 Great Britain
- Liverpool - Hull (Trans Pennine Trail)

E8 Netherlands
- Beach Hoek van Holland to Schoonhoven
- Schoonhoven to border Netherlands-Germany
- E8 Netherlands (Grote Rivierenpad)

E8 Germany
- Border Netherland-Germany to Bad Godesberg (Bonn)
- Bad Godeberg (Bonn) to Worms
- Worms to Crailsheim
- Crailsheim to Regensburg
- Regensburg to border Austria
- E8 Germany

E8 Austria
- Border Germany to Drosendorf an der Thaya
- Drosendorf an der Thaya to border Slovakia
- E8 Austria

E8 Slovakia
- Border Austria-Slovakia - Border Slovakia-Poland

E8 Polen
- Border Slovakia-Poland - Wołosate (border Poland-Ukraine)

Map E8

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