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European long distance path E8 from Border Netherlands-Germany to Bad Godesberg (Bonn)

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For planning walks on the E8. With the different features on this page, parts of the E8 can be selected and distances determined.

POIs E8 from Border Netherlands-Germany to Bad Godesberg (Bonn)

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Start End Name Type Distance from Border Netherlands-Germany (km approximate) Shortest distance to E8 (km) Website
Border Netherlands-Germany
Border 0,0 0,01
Hotels Border Netherlands-Germany
Town 2,3 1,39
Hotels Zyfflich
Village 5,1 3,47
Hotels Leuth
Town 7,1 3,74
Hotels Groesbeek
Village 7,0 0,14
Hotels Kranenburg
Town 22,4 0,45
Hotels Kleve
Bahnhof Kleve
Station 23,4 0,43
Hotels Bahnhof Kleve
Town 30,1 0,23
Hotels Bedburg-Hau
Bahnhof Bedburg-Hau
Station 31,0 1,17
Hotels Bahnhof Bedburg-Hau
Town 40,6 0,06
Hotels Kalkar
Town 64,7 0,48
Hotels Xanten
Village 82,4 0,53
Hotels Alpen
Town 94,9 1,49
Hotels Kamp-Lintfort
Village 102 0,07
Hotels Rheurdt
Town 122 3,13
Hotels Kempen
Bahnhof Kempen(Niederrhein)
Station 122 2,93
Hotels Bahnhof Kempen(Niederrhein)
Village 126 2,04
Hotels Wachtendonk
Town 140 0,73
Hotels Nettetal
Village 150 1,97
Hotels Breyell
Bahnhof Breyell
Station 150 1,86
Hotels Bahnhof Breyell
Bahnhof Kaldenkirchen
Station 152 0,68
Hotels Bahnhof Kaldenkirchen
Town 152 0,08
Hotels Kaldenkerken
Station Tegelen
Station 159 3,43
Hotels Station Tegelen
Village 164 3,01
Hotels Reuver
Station Reuver
Station 164 3,01
Hotels Station Reuver
Station Swalmen
Station 169 3,77
Hotels Station Swalmen
Town 170 2,91
Hotels Swalmen
Town 178 1,31
Hotels Brüggen
Town 182 0,69
Hotels Elmpt
Village 187 2,57
Hotels Niederkrüchten
Bahnhof Dalheim
Station 191 0,87
Hotels Bahnhof Dalheim
Town 202 0,16
Hotels Wassenberg
Bahnhof Heinsberg(Rheinl)
Station 212 1,22
Hotels Bahnhof Heinsberg(Rheinl)
Bahnhof Heinsberg-Oberbruch
Station 215 0,81
Hotels Bahnhof Heinsberg-Oberbruch
Bahnhof Heinsberg-Porselen
Station 217 0,47
Hotels Bahnhof Heinsberg-Porselen
Bahnhof Heinsberg-Horst
Station 220 0,01
Hotels Bahnhof Heinsberg-Horst
Town 222 0,10
Hotels Heinsberg-Randerath
Bahnhof Geilenkirchen
Station 230 0,24
Hotels Bahnhof Geilenkirchen
Town 231 0,48
Hotels Geilenkirchen
Bahnhof Übach-Palenberg
Station 236 0,22
Hotels Bahnhof Übach-Palenberg
Village 241 1,15
Hotels Eygelshoven
Town 243 0,30
Hotels Herzogenrath
Bahnhof Herzogenrath
Station 244 0,29
Hotels Bahnhof Herzogenrath
Town 249 1,18
Hotels Kohlscheid
Town 252 1,71
Hotels Wurselen
City 258 0,12
Hotels Aachen
Aachen Hbf
Station 259 1,10
Hotels Aachen Hbf
Town 272 0,17
Hotels Kornelimunster
Town 303 0,64
Hotels Nideggen
Bahnhof Heimbach (Eifel)
Station 314 0,38
Hotels Bahnhof Heimbach (Eifel)
Village 314 0,00
Hotels Heimbach
Town 322 0,28
Hotels Gemund
Bahnhof Kall
Station 330 0,42
Hotels Bahnhof Kall
Town 330 0,08
Hotels Kall
Village 338 0,55
Hotels Weyer
Bad Munstereifel
Town 352 0,27
Hotels Bad Munstereifel
Bahnhof Bad Munstereifel
Station 352 0,05
Hotels Bahnhof Bad Munstereifel
Village 362 1,44
Hotels Kirchheim
Town 373 0,19
Hotels Rheinbach
Bahnhof Rheinbach
Station 373 0,20
Hotels Bahnhof Rheinbach
Village 388 1,22
Hotels Villip
Bahnhof Bonn-Bad Godesberg
Station 397 0,40
Hotels Bahnhof Bonn-Bad Godesberg
Bad Godesberg (Bonn)
Town 397 0,33
Hotels Bad Godesberg (Bonn)
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Selected part E8

Route from Border Netherlands-Germany (Border) to Bad Godesberg (Bonn) (Town)
Shortest distance from Border Netherlands-Germany to the E8: 0,01 km
Length of the displayed part of the E8: 397 km
Shortest distance from E8 to Bad Godesberg (Bonn): 0,33 km
Total distance Border Netherlands-Germany - Bad Godesberg (Bonn) approximately 397 km

Total ascent 7.477 m
Total Descent 7.438 m
The elevation data contains minor measurement errors which can cause the total ascent and the total decent to be too high.
The altitude differences on the routes from the starting point to the hiking route and from the walking route to the endpoint are not included in the totals!

Calculate walking time
Speed on level terrain km/h
Ascent speed m/h
Descent speed m/h
The speeds to be used for the calculation can be adjusted.

The calculation is an approximation. The actual duration varies per person and also depends on the terrain and the weather conditions.
The formula used to calculate the walking time: Walkingtime = distance / horizontalspeed + ( totalascent / ascentspeed + totaldescent / descentspeed)/2

GPS file selected part E8

The GPS files (.gpx) can be used with a smartphone or GPS device.
Download the gpx file with the track and the POIs
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Info selected point (s)

Start point Border Netherlands-Germany
Distance on the E8 from Dersey Island 1.150 km
Distance to E8 0,01 km
Type Border
Elevation 52 m

End point Bad Godesberg (Bonn)
Distance on the E8 from Dersey Island 1.547 km
Distance to E8 0,33 km
Type Town
Elevation 82 m

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Notes on the map and the table

The track of the E8 is based on data from the website Waymarkedtrails .
The most recent version of the route can be seen on Waymarkedtrails (WT) and Openstreetmap (OSM). (Date last update on this website)
Ireland WT OSM (12-28-2017)
Great-Britain WT OSM (12-27-2017)
Netherlands WT OSM (1-1-2018)
Germany WT OSM (1-1-2018)
Austria WT OSM (1-1-2018)
Slovakia WT OSM (12-28-2017)
Poland WT OSM (12-28-2017)
On Openstreetmap you can adjust any errors in the route yourself. Waymarkedtrails is based on Openstreetmap.
Heights have been added to Waymarkedtrails tracks using the website gpsvisualizer.com.

The exact locations of Cities, Towns, Villages and Hamlets are based on the locations that Openstreetmap or Google Maps gives. Usually this is somewhere in the center.

The distances in the table and on the map are an approximation!! This is because the actual routes from the E8 to the POI are not included.
The distance from a Point Of Interest (POI) to the E8 is the shortest distance to the E8 in a direct line.

The distances between two POIs (point 1 and point 2) are calculated as follows
Total distance = Distance point 1 to nearest point on the E8 + Distance point 2 to nearest point on the E8 + Distance between the two nearest points on the E8

If points 1 and 2 are close to the E8, the calculated distance is usually a good approximation.
If one of the two points is situated further from E8, the actual distance may differ (significantly) from the calculated distance.

It is recommended to check the route from a starting point to the E8 and from the E8 to the end of a stage! This may e.g. by zooming in on the map and checking for a path or road from the starting point to the E8 and from the E8 to the end point.

The track of the E8 is from different sources and may include errors. Also, the recorded POIs may include errors! It is recommended to check the track and points before walking the path!


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