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Long distance path GR5 from Schengen to Nyon (lac)

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For planning walks on the GR5. With the different features on this page, parts of the GR5 can be selected and distances determined.

POIs GR5 from Schengen to Nyon (lac)

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No. Start End Name Type Distance from Schengen (km approximate) Shortest distance to GR5 (km) Website
162 Schengen Town 0,0 0,12 Hotels Schengen
164 Border Luxembourg - Germany Border 0,3 0,01 Hotels Border Luxembourg - Germany
163 Bahnhof Perl Station 0,6 0,19 Hotels Bahnhof Perl
165 Border Germany - France Border 1,2 0,02 Hotels Border Germany - France
169 Station Apach(Moselle) Station 2,3 0,04 Hotels Station Apach(Moselle)
170 Sierck-Les-Bains Town 4,4 0,00 Hotels Sierck-Les-Bains
171 Montenach Town 8,2 0,01 Hotels Montenach
179 Monneren – Ste. Marguerite Town 17,2 0,02 Hotels Monneren – Ste. Marguerite
180 Gare Kédange-sur-Canner Station 27,9 0,29 Hotels Gare Kédange-sur-Canner
181 Saint-Hubert Town 38,6 0,09 Hotels Saint-Hubert
182 Gare de Vigy Station 45,7 0,01 Hotels Gare de Vigy
173 Gare de Metz Station 64,9 1,00 Hotels Gare de Metz
183 Moulins-lès-Metz Town 72,5 0,11 Hotels Moulins-lès-Metz
184 Gare d'Ars-sur-Moselle Station 78,0 0,09 Hotels Gare d'Ars-sur-Moselle
185 Gorze Town 87,5 0,03 Hotels Gorze
186 Onville Town 97,2 0,37 Hotels Onville
187 Pagny-sur-Moselle Town 103 0,92 Hotels Pagny-sur-Moselle
188 Gare Pont-à-Mousson Station 124 2,26 Hotels Gare Pont-à-Mousson
238 Hôtel de la Côte Hotel 125 0,10 https://hotelrestaurantdelacote.jimdo.com
189 Rogéville Town 140 0,03 Hotels Rogéville
190 Gare Liverdun Station 152 0,03 Hotels Gare Liverdun
191 Custines Town 162 0,20 Hotels Custines
192 Amance Town 175 0,07 Hotels Amance
174 Vic-sur-Seille Town 203 0,15 Hotels Vic-sur-Seille
193 Blanche-Église Town 215 0,05 Hotels Blanche-Église
178 Dieuze Town 219 0,44 Hotels Dieuze
239 Château d'Alteville Hotel 225 0,09 http://www.chateaudalteville.com
225 Gare Héming Station 252 2,29 Hotels Gare Héming
194 Saint-Quirin Town 264 0,04 Hotels Saint-Quirin
195 Abreschviller Town 270 0,06 Hotels Abreschviller
226 Haut Donon Town 291 0,02 Hotels Haut Donon
196 Gare de Schirmeck Station 300 0,17 Hotels Gare de Schirmeck
197 Le Hohwald Town 320 0,01 Hotels Le Hohwald
240 Hôtel-Restaurant Les Hortensias Hotel 333 0,06 http://www.hortensias-hotel.com
198 Gare de Barr Station 335 0,62 Hotels Gare de Barr
199 Andlau Town 337 0,08 Hotels Andlau
241 Gare Châtenois Station 362 0,10 Hotels Gare Châtenois
200 Châtenois Town 362 0,02 Hotels Châtenois
218 Thannenkirch Town 377 0,05 Hotels Thannenkirch
219 Ribeauville Town 383 0,49 Hotels Ribeauville
220 Aubure Town 393 0,01 Hotels Aubure
221 Le Bonhomme Town 409 0,19 Hotels Le Bonhomme
242 Hôtel Résidences Gîtes de l'Étang du Devin Hotel 411 0,07 http://www.etangdevin.com/
243 Les Terrasses Du Lac Blanc Hotel 417 0,09 http://les-terrasses-du-lac-blanc.com
244 Hotel-restaurant du Chalet Hotel 428 0,01 http://www.hotel-du-chalet.com/
222 Mittlach Town 438 0,04 Hotels Mittlach
245 Refuge de Hannenbrunen Refuge 448 0,03 http://touringclubmulhouse.com
246 Hotel restaurant WOLF Hotel 452 0,12 http://www.hotelwolf.info/
223 Grand Ballon Mountain 460 0,02 Hotels Grand Ballon
247 Chalet Hôtel Du Grand Ballon Hotel 461 0,04 http://chalethotel-grandballon.com
248 Ferme Auberge du Molkenrain Auberge 471 0,02 http://www.ferme-molkenrain.com
175 Thann Town 480 0,04 Hotels Thann
250 Gite du Gazon Vert Gite 499 0,40 https://www.gitedugazonvert.fr
249 Hôtel le Rouge Gazon Hotel 499 0,69 http://rouge-gazon.fr/
201 Ballon d'Alsace Mountain 507 0,05 Hotels Ballon d'Alsace
251 Grand Hôtel du Sommet Hotel 508 0,42 http://www.hotelrestaurantdusommet.com
176 Giromagny Town 519 0,12 Hotels Giromagny
202 Gare Évette-Salbert Station 529 0,11 Hotels Gare Évette-Salbert
203 Gare Héricourt Station 549 1,96 Hotels Gare Héricourt
204 Nommay Town 556 0,04 Hotels Nommay
205 Fesches-le-Châtel Town 563 0,74 Hotels Fesches-le-Châtel
206 Dasle Town 569 0,21 Hotels Dasle
252 Le gîte du Pont Sarrazin Gite 571 0,05 http://vandoncourt-tourisme.wixsite.com/vandoncourt-tourisme/le-gite-du-pont-sarrazin
207 Abbévillers Town 575 0,01 Hotels Abbévillers
208 Saint-Hippolyte Town 596 0,38 Hotels Saint-Hippolyte
209 Goumois Town 620 0,16 Hotels Goumois
253 Maison Biaufond Gite 638 0,32 http://www.maison-biaufond.ch/
234 Hotel restaurant de la Rasse Hotel 639 0,02 http://www.hoteldelarasse.com/
210 Villers-le-Lac Town 662 0,20 Hotels Villers-le-Lac
235 Hôtel de France Hotel 662 0,02 http://www.hotel-restaurant-lefrance.com/
236 Auberge Sur La Roche Auberge 667 0,05 http://auberge-surlaroche.com
237 Auberge du vieux Chateleu Auberge 678 0,04 http://www.chateleu.com
211 Les Gras Town 684 1,53 Hotels Les Gras
212 La Cluse-et-Mijoux Town 714 0,57 Hotels La Cluse-et-Mijoux
213 Malbuisson Town 726 0,18 Hotels Malbuisson
214 Métabief Town 733 0,09 Hotels Métabief
177 Chaux-Neuve Town 760 0,02 Hotels Chaux-Neuve
215 Les Rousses Town 794 0,13 Hotels Les Rousses
217 Gare La Cure Town 800 0,06 Hotels Gare La Cure
216 Gare Nyon-St-Cergue-Morez Town 810 0,33 Hotels Gare Nyon-St-Cergue-Morez
172 Gare Nyon Station 821 0,08 Hotels Gare Nyon
224 Nyon (lac) Ferry port 821 0,06 Hotels Nyon (lac)
Other sections of the GR5

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Selected part GR5

Route from Schengen (Town) to Nyon (lac) (Ferry port)
Shortest distance from Schengen to the GR5: 0,12 km
Length of the displayed part of the GR5: 821 km
Shortest distance from GR5 to Nyon (lac): 0,06 km
Total distance Schengen - Nyon (lac) approximately 821 km

Total ascent 27.533 m
Total Descent 27.301 m
The elevation data contains minor measurement errors which can cause the total ascent and the total decent to be too high.
The altitude differences on the routes from the starting point to the hiking route and from the walking route to the endpoint are not included in the totals!

Calculate walking time
Horizontal speed km/h
Ascent speed m/h
Descent speed m/h
The speeds to be used for the calculation can be adjusted.

The calculation is an approximation. The actual duration varies per person and also depends on the terrain and the weather conditions.
The formula used to calculate the walking time: Walkingtime = distance / horizontalspeed + ( totalascent / ascentspeed + totaldescent / descentspeed)/2

GPS file selected part GR5

The GPS files (.gpx) can be used with a smartphone or GPS device.
Download the gpx file with the track and the POIs
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Info selected point (s)

Start point Schengen
Distance on the GR5 from Hoek van Holland 687 km
Distance to GR5 0,12 km
Type Town

End point Nyon (lac)
Distance on the GR5 from Hoek van Holland 1.508 km
Distance to GR5 0,06 km
Type Ferry port

Maps GR5 with POIs

The GR5 is a long distance walking route that starts in Hoek van Holland and ends in Nice. The route passes through the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy.

GR5 Benelux
- GR5 Netherlands
- GR5 Belgium
- GR5 Luxembourg
- GR5 Benelux

GR5 Luxembourg to Lake Geneva
- Schengen to Nyon

GR5 Grande Traversée des Alpes
- Thonon-Les-Bains to Les Houches
- Les Houches to Modane
- Modane to Briançon
- Briançon to Larche
- Larche to Nice
- Thonon-Les-Bains to Nice

In other languages
- Nederlands

Notes on the map and the table

The part of the route in the Netherlands to Bergen op Zoom is based on wandelnet.nl GR5.
The part through Flanders (from Bergen op Zoom) is based on groteroutepaden.be GR5
The part by Wallonia and Luxembourg is based on
grsentiers.org GR5.
The French part to Metz is based on routeyou.com user Robinou.
The part Metz to Nice is based on gr-infos.com GR5.
Heights have been added to Waymarkedtrails tracks using the website gpsvisualizer.com.

The exact locations of 'Towns' are based on the locations Google Maps gives. Usually this is somewhere in the center of the town.

The distances in the table and on the map are an approximation!! This is because the actual routes from the GR5 to the POI are not included.
The distance from a Point Of Interest (POI) to the GR5 is the shortest distance to the GR5 in a direct line.

The distances between two POIs (point 1 and point 2) are calculated as follows
Total distance = Distance point 1 to nearest point on the GR5 + Distance point 2 to nearest point on the GR5 + Distance between the two nearest points on the GR5

If points 1 and 2 are close to the GR5, the calculated distance is usually a good approximation.
If one of the two points is situated further from GR5, the actual distance may differ (significantly) from the calculated distance.

It is recommended to check the route from a starting point to the GR5 and from the GR5 to the end of a stage! This may e.g. by zooming in on the map and checking for a path or road from the starting point to the GR5 and from the GR5 to the end point.

The track of the GR5 is from different sources and may include errors. Also, the recorded POIs may include errors! It is recommended to check the track and points before walking the path!


- GR5 website (Dutch)

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