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Long distance path GR5 from Ferry port Thonon-les-Bains to Nice Promenade des Anglais

Hiking map, Points of Interest, Elevation graph and GPS File

For planning walks on the GR5. With the different features on this page, parts of the GR5 can be selected and distances determined.

POIs GR5 from Ferry port Thonon-les-Bains to Nice Promenade des Anglais

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No. Start End Name Type Distance from Ferry port Thonon-les-Bains (km approximate) Shortest distance to GR5 (km) Website
32 Ferry port Thonon-les-Bains Ferry port 0,0 0,10 Hotels Ferry port Thonon-les-Bains
33 Gare de Thonon-les-Bains Station 1,0 0,08 Hotels Gare de Thonon-les-Bains
76 Hotel L'Echo des Montagnes Hotel 7,3 0,21 http://www.echodesmontagnes.fr/
75 Chambres d'hôtes La Chouette Couette Gite 24,6 0,75 http://www.lachouettecouette.fr/
48 Hotel Chez Tante Marie Hotel 28,8 1,19 http://www.chez-tante-marie.com/
49 Refuge de Bise Refuge 38,0 0,08 http://www.refuges.info/point/419/refuge-garde/chablais/refuge-de-la-bise/
77 La Chapelle-d'Abondance Town 43,4 0,06 Hotels La Chapelle-d'Abondance
50 Gîte de Trebentaz Gite 51,3 0,73 http://www.savoie-mont-blanc.com/offre/fiche/gite-d-alpage-de-trebentaz/212825
51 Refuge de Chésery Refuge 62,5 0,03 https://www.lacvert.ch/welcome/
79 Refuge de Chardonniere Refuge 75,2 0,34 http://www.refuge-chardonniere.fr/
78 Refuge de la Golèse Refuge 77,3 0,16 http://www.refuge-golese.com/
34 Samoëns Town 86,1 0,44 Hotels Samoëns
52 Hotel Gai Soleil Hotel 87,2 0,84 http://www.augaisoleil-hotel-restaurant.com/homepage
53 Gîte Auberge de Salvagny Gite 92,7 0,38 http://www.aubergedesalvagny.com/
54 Salvagny Town 93,9 0,35 Hotels Salvagny
80 Refuge Alfred Wills Refuge 102 0,05 http://refuge-wills.com/
55 Refuge de Moëde-Anterne Gite 108 0,02 http://www.refuges.info/point/354
56 Refuge de Bellachat Refuge 120 0,01 http://www.refuges.info/point/311/refuge-garde/refuge-de-bellachat/
81 Chalet-hôtel Les Campanules Hotel 127 0,10 http://www.hotel-campanules.com/
45 Gare Les Houches Station 127 0,07 Hotels Gare Les Houches
35 Les Houches Town 128 0,02 Hotels Les Houches
82 Refuge Du Fioux Refuge 134 0,05 Hotels Refuge Du Fioux
83 Auberge de Bionnassay Auberge 136 0,04 http://www.auberge-bionnassay.com/
57 CAF Les Contamines-Montjoie Gite 145 0,15 http://www.lescontamines.com/chalet-des-contamines.html
84 Gite-Camping du Pontet Gite 147 0,22 http://www.campinglepontet.fr/
85 Refuge de Nant Borrant Refuge 150 0,02 http://www.refuge-nantborrant.com/
86 Refuge de la Balme Refuge 152 0,04 http://www.lescontamines.com/refuge-de-la-balme.html
58 Refuge de la Croix du Bonhomme Refuge 158 0,01 http://lerefugedubonhomme.free.fr/
87 Refuge du Plan de la Lai Refuge 164 0,02 http://chaletplandelalai.ffcam.fr/
59 Le Refuge de La Balme - Tarentaise Refuge 180 0,21 http://www.refuge-balme-tarentaise.fr/
36 Bellentre Town 188 0,02 Hotels Bellentre
60 Maison Caramel B&B 193 1,05 http://www.maisoncaramel.com/
61 Refuge du Col-du-Palet Refuge 211 0,18 http://www.vanoise-refugedupalet.com/
37 Val-d'Isère Town 224 0,20 Hotels Val-d'Isère
63 Bessans Town 246 0,15 Hotels Bessans
64 Refuge de Vallonbrun Refuge 254 0,04 http://www.refuge-vallonbrun.com/
65 Refuge du Plan du Lac Refuge 272 0,01 https://www.refugeplandulac.com/
66 Refuge L'Arpont Refuge 286 0,01 http://www.arpont.refuges-vanoise.com/
67 Refuge de Plan Sec Refuge 302 0,00 http://www.plansec.refuges-vanoise.com/
68 Refuge de la Fournache Refuge 303 0,07 http://www.fournache.refuges-vanoise.com/
29 Le Fond d Aussois Refuge 306 1,63 http://www.fondaussois.refuges-vanoise.com
70 Refuge de l'Aiguille Doran Refuge 313 0,19 http://refuge-aiguilledoran.com/
69 Refuge de l'Orgère Refuge 314 0,17 http://refuge.orgere.free.fr/
38 Modane Town 318 0,02 Hotels Modane
1 Hotel De La Gare Hotel 321 0,54 http://www.hoteldelagare-modane.fr/
31 Gare de Modane Station 321 0,48 Hotels Gare de Modane
2 Refuge Du Mont Thabor Refuge 333 0,72 http://refugeduthabor.com/
3 Rifugio I Re Magi Refuge 339 0,07 http://www.iremagi.it/it-it/
4 Rifugio Terzo Alpini Refuge 339 0,02 http://www.terzoalpini.com/FR/index.html
5 Auberge la Cleida Auberge 351 0,01 http://www.auberge-lacleida-nevache.com/
6 Les Gentianes Camping 372 0,25 http://www.campinglesgentianes.com/contact.html
39 Briançon Town 376 0,09 Hotels Briançon
7 Hotel De La Gare Hotel 378 0,07 Hotels Hotel De La Gare
46 Gare de Briançon Station 378 0,13 Hotels Gare de Briançon
8 Chalets des Ayes Wild camping site 387 0,02 Hotels Chalets des Ayes
9 Gite Les Bons Enfants Gite 398 0,12 http://lesbonsenfants.eu/
10 Gite Les Astragales Gite 409 2,43 http://www.gitelesastragales.fr/site/en/
40 Chateau-Ville-Vielle Town 407 0,02 Hotels Chateau-Ville-Vielle
41 Ceillac Town 420 0,04 Hotels Ceillac
11 Gite Les Baladins Gite 420 0,26 http://www.lesbaladins.com/
12 Refuge de Maljasset Refuge 432 1,01 http://www.maljasset-refuge.fr/
13 Gite D Etape Les Granges Chez Bourillon Gite 442 0,01 http://www.gite-les-granges.com/
14 Rifigio Campeggio Campo Base Camping and refuge 454 5,48 http://www.campobaseacceglio.it/
42 Larche Town 455 0,03 Hotels Larche
15 Refuge de Larche Refuge 456 0,04 http://www.gite-etape-larche.com/
16 Lac du Lauzanier Wild camping site 465 0,03 Hotels Lac du Lauzanier
17 Gite de Bousieyas Gite 475 0,05 http://www.gites-refuges.com/v2/detail-811.htm
43 Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée Town 491 0,03 Hotels Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée
18 Le Corburant Gite 492 0,03 http://www.gite-tinee-mercantour.com/
19 Gite Etappe de Roya Gite 504 0,05 http://www.skitour.fr/refuges/gite-d-etape-de-roya-ma-vieille-ecole,334.html
20 Abri de bergers Wild camping site 509 0,04 Hotels Abri de bergers
21 Refuge de Longon Refuge 522 0,03 http://www.refuges.info/point/2701
44 Saint-Sauveur-sur-Tinée Town 534 0,01 Hotels Saint-Sauveur-sur-Tinée
24 Camping a la ferme camping 545 0,07 http://camping-ferme.com/index.php
23 Gite Les Marmottes Gite 545 0,07 http://www.gite-marmottes.fr/
22 Auberge des Mures Auberge 546 0,51 Hotels Auberge des Mures
25 Ruines du hameau des Pras Wild camping site 566 0,08 Hotels Ruines du hameau des Pras
26 Gite Communal Utelle Gite 572 0,08 http://www.gites-refuges.com/v2/detail-1439.htm
27 Mas Fleuri Hotel 585 0,25 http://www.masfleuri.com/
28 Hostellerie Aspremont Hotel 594 0,04 http://www.hostellerie-aspremont.com/
74 Maison de L'Environnement Finish 604 0,02 Hotels Maison de L'Environnement
71 Gare de Nice-Ville Station 606 0,50 Hotels Gare de Nice-Ville
73 Nice Promenade des Anglais Finish 607 0,01 Hotels Nice Promenade des Anglais
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Selected part GR5

Route from Ferry port Thonon-les-Bains (Ferry port) to Nice Promenade des Anglais (Finish)
Shortest distance from Ferry port Thonon-les-Bains to the GR5: 0,10 km
Length of the displayed part of the GR5: 607 km
Shortest distance from GR5 to Nice Promenade des Anglais: 0,01 km
Total distance Ferry port Thonon-les-Bains - Nice Promenade des Anglais approximately 607 km

Total ascent 43.587 m
Total Descent 43.973 m
The elevation data contains minor measurement errors which can cause the total ascent and the total decent to be too high.
The altitude differences on the routes from the starting point to the hiking route and from the walking route to the endpoint are not included in the totals!

Calculate walking time
Horizontal speed km/h
Ascent speed m/h
Descent speed m/h
The speeds to be used for the calculation can be adjusted.

The calculation is an approximation. The actual duration varies per person and also depends on the terrain and the weather conditions.
The formula used to calculate the walking time: Walkingtime = distance / horizontalspeed + ( totalascent / ascentspeed + totaldescent / descentspeed)/2

GPS file selected part GR5

The GPS files (.gpx) can be used with a smartphone or GPS device.
Download the gpx file with the track and the POIs
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Info selected point (s)

Start point Ferry port Thonon-les-Bains
Distance on the GR5 from Lake Geneva 0 km
Distance to GR5 0,10 km
Type Ferry port

End point Nice Promenade des Anglais
Distance on the GR5 from Lake Geneva 607 km
Distance to GR5 0,01 km
Type Finish

Maps GR5 with POIs

The GR5 is a long distance walking route that starts in Hoek van Holland and ends in Nice. The route passes through the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy.

GR5 Benelux
- GR5 Netherlands
- GR5 Belgium
- GR5 Luxembourg
- GR5 Benelux

GR5 Luxembourg to Lake Geneva
- Schengen to Nyon

GR5 Grande Traversée des Alpes
- Thonon-Les-Bains to Les Houches
- Les Houches to Modane
- Modane to Briançon
- Briançon to Larche
- Larche to Nice
- Thonon-Les-Bains to Nice

In other languages
- Nederlands

Notes on the map and the table

The part of the route in the Netherlands to Bergen op Zoom is based on wandelnet.nl GR5.
The part through Flanders (from Bergen op Zoom) is based on groteroutepaden.be GR5
The part by Wallonia and Luxembourg is based on
grsentiers.org GR5.
The French part to Metz is based on routeyou.com user Robinou.
The part Metz to Nice is based on gr-infos.com GR5.
Heights have been added to Waymarkedtrails tracks using the website gpsvisualizer.com.

The exact locations of 'Towns' are based on the locations Google Maps gives. Usually this is somewhere in the center of the town.

The distances in the table and on the map are an approximation!! This is because the actual routes from the GR5 to the POI are not included.
The distance from a Point Of Interest (POI) to the GR5 is the shortest distance to the GR5 in a direct line.

The distances between two POIs (point 1 and point 2) are calculated as follows
Total distance = Distance point 1 to nearest point on the GR5 + Distance point 2 to nearest point on the GR5 + Distance between the two nearest points on the GR5

If points 1 and 2 are close to the GR5, the calculated distance is usually a good approximation.
If one of the two points is situated further from GR5, the actual distance may differ (significantly) from the calculated distance.

It is recommended to check the route from a starting point to the GR5 and from the GR5 to the end of a stage! This may e.g. by zooming in on the map and checking for a path or road from the starting point to the GR5 and from the GR5 to the end point.

The track of the GR5 is from different sources and may include errors. Also, the recorded POIs may include errors! It is recommended to check the track and points before walking the path!


- GR5 website (Dutch)

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