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European long distance path E11 from Border Netherlands - Germany to Border Germany - Polen

Hiking map, Points of Interest, Elevation graph and GPS File

For planning walks on the E11. With the different features on this page, parts of the E11 can be selected and distances determined.

POIs E11 from Border Netherlands - Germany to Border Germany - Polen

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No. Start End Name Type Distance from Border Netherlands - Germany (km approximate) Shortest distance to E11 (km) Website
97 Border Netherlands - Germany Border 0,0 0,00 Hotels Border Netherlands - Germany
1 Bad Bentheim Town 13,6 0,10 Hotels Bad Bentheim
3 Bahnhof Schüttorf Station 21,4 1,16 Hotels Bahnhof Schüttorf
4 Bahnhof Salzbergen Station 32,1 1,60 Hotels Bahnhof Salzbergen
5 Bahnhof Rheine Station 39,8 0,34 Hotels Bahnhof Rheine
2 Rheine Town 40,2 0,16 Hotels Rheine
6 Hopsten Town 67,1 0,09 Hotels Hopsten
7 Mettingen Town 99,8 0,26 Hotels Mettingen
8 Bahnhof Osnabrück Altstadt Station 128 0,08 Hotels Bahnhof Osnabrück Altstadt
9 Ostercappeln Town 159 0,32 Hotels Ostercappeln
10 Bad Essen Town 170 1,87 Hotels Bad Essen
11 DJH Jugendherberge Rödinghausen Youth hostel 183 0,22 http://www.jugendgaestehaus-roedinghausen.de/
12 Bahnhof Porta Westfalica Station 222 0,15 Hotels Bahnhof Porta Westfalica
41 Rinteln Town 235 1,22 Hotels Rinteln
42 Hamelin Town 272 0,35 Hotels Hamelin
43 Bahnhof Coppenbrügge Station 293 0,95 Hotels Bahnhof Coppenbrügge
45 Holzen Town 317 0,56 Hotels Holzen
44 Bahnhof Alfeld(Leine) Station 333 0,08 Hotels Bahnhof Alfeld(Leine)
46 Bahnhof Freden(Leine) Station 344 1,77 Hotels Bahnhof Freden(Leine)
47 Winzenburg Town 344 0,58 Hotels Winzenburg
48 Bahnhof Bad Gandersheim Station 356 0,82 Hotels Bahnhof Bad Gandersheim
49 Bahnhof Seesen Station 369 0,19 Hotels Bahnhof Seesen
50 Bahnhof Goslar Station 392 0,13 Hotels Bahnhof Goslar
51 Bahnhof Oker Station 397 0,58 Hotels Bahnhof Oker
52 Bahnhof Bad Harzburg Station 404 0,90 Hotels Bahnhof Bad Harzburg
53 Ilsenburg (Harz) Town 417 0,64 Hotels Ilsenburg (Harz)
54 Bahnhof Wernigerode Elmowerk Station 428 0,92 Hotels Bahnhof Wernigerode Elmowerk
55 Blankenburg (Harz) Town 445 0,04 Hotels Blankenburg (Harz)
56 Timmenrode Town 449 0,06 Hotels Timmenrode
57 Thale Town 460 1,50 Hotels Thale
58 Gernrode Town 472 0,22 Hotels Gernrode
59 Ballenstedt Town 479 1,37 Hotels Ballenstedt
60 Falkenstein (Harz) Town 496 0,13 Hotels Falkenstein (Harz)
61 Hotel - Restaurant Leinemühle Hotel 499 0,01 http://www.hotel-leinemuehle-harz.de/
62 Bahnhof Wippra Station 511 0,36 Hotels Bahnhof Wippra
63 Annarode Town 523 0,01 Hotels Annarode
64 Bahnhof Lutherstadt Eisleben Station 537 0,91 Hotels Bahnhof Lutherstadt Eisleben
65 Höhnstedt Town 551 0,36 Hotels Höhnstedt
66 Halle (Saale) Hbf Station 578 3,49 Hotels Halle (Saale) Hbf
67 Bahnhof Arensdorf(Köthen) Station 608 0,07 Hotels Bahnhof Arensdorf(Köthen)
68 Bahnhof Dessau Süd Station 630 1,54 Hotels Bahnhof Dessau Süd
69 Dessau Hauptbahnhof Station 637 1,88 Hotels Dessau Hauptbahnhof
70 Bahnhof Coswig(Anhalt) Station 658 0,71 Hotels Bahnhof Coswig(Anhalt)
71 Bahnhof Griebo Station 663 1,07 Hotels Bahnhof Griebo
72 Burg Rabenstein Hotel 685 0,03 http://www.burgrabenstein.de/
73 Bahnhof Bad Belzig Station 712 1,64 Hotels Bahnhof Bad Belzig
74 Springbach-Mühle Hotel und Restaurant Hotel 715 0,08 http://www.springbachmuehle.de/
75 Golzow Town 744 0,02 Hotels Golzow
76 Schwielowsee Town 777 0,19 Hotels Schwielowsee
77 Bahnhof Potsdam Station 795 0,18 Hotels Bahnhof Potsdam
78 Bahnhof Berlin Wannsee Station 806 0,18 Hotels Bahnhof Berlin Wannsee
79 Ubahn Neu-Westend (Berlin) Station 825 0,38 Hotels Ubahn Neu-Westend (Berlin)
80 Sbahn Tiergarten (Berlin) Station 835 0,11 Hotels Sbahn Tiergarten (Berlin)
81 Bahnhof Hallesches Tor (Berlin) Station 839 0,04 Hotels Bahnhof Hallesches Tor (Berlin)
82 Sbahn Treptower Park (Berlin) Station 845 0,12 Hotels Sbahn Treptower Park (Berlin)
83 Sbahn Berlin-Köpenick Station 857 0,03 Hotels Sbahn Berlin-Köpenick
84 Sbahn Friedrichshagen (Berlin) Station 865 0,04 Hotels Sbahn Friedrichshagen (Berlin)
85 Sbahn Hoppegarten(Mark) Station 876 0,27 Hotels Sbahn Hoppegarten(Mark)
86 Altlandsberg Town 884 0,12 Hotels Altlandsberg
88 Sbahn Hegermühle Station 899 0,38 Hotels Sbahn Hegermühle
87 Bahnhof Herrensee Station 902 1,36 Hotels Bahnhof Herrensee
89 Bahnhof Buckow (Märkische Schweiz) Station 916 0,66 Hotels Bahnhof Buckow (Märkische Schweiz)
90 Neuhardenberg Town 935 0,12 Hotels Neuhardenberg
91 Bahnhof Seelow-Gusow Station 949 0,01 Hotels Bahnhof Seelow-Gusow
92 Bahnhof Seelow Station 956 0,20 Hotels Bahnhof Seelow
93 Reitwein Town 975 0,19 Hotels Reitwein
94 Lebus Town 985 0,29 Hotels Lebus
96 Border Germany - Polen Border 1.000 0,04 Hotels Border Germany - Polen
Other sections of the E11

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Map selected part E11

The route of the E11 is displayed in red. The shortest direct connections between the E11 and the start and end points are shown in blue. These direct connections may not be possible!

Double-click a location on the map (near the E11) for a new starting point of the route. Or click on the button for the route from the

Selected part E11

Route from Border Netherlands - Germany (Border) to Border Germany - Polen (Border)
Shortest distance from Border Netherlands - Germany to the E11: 0,00 km
Length of the displayed part of the E11: 999 km
Shortest distance from E11 to Border Germany - Polen: 0,04 km
Total distance Border Netherlands - Germany - Border Germany - Polen approximately 1.000 km

Total ascent 17.339 m
Total Descent 17.349 m
The elevation data contains minor measurement errors which can cause the total ascent and the total decent to be too high.
The altitude differences on the routes from the starting point to the hiking route and from the walking route to the endpoint are not included in the totals!

Calculate walking time
Horizontal speed km/h
Ascent speed m/h
Descent speed m/h
The speeds to be used for the calculation can be adjusted.

The calculation is an approximation. The actual duration varies per person and also depends on the terrain and the weather conditions.
The formula used to calculate the walking time: Walkingtime = distance / horizontalspeed + ( totalascent / ascentspeed + totaldescent / descentspeed)/2

GPS file selected part E11

The GPS files (.gpx) can be used with a smartphone or GPS device.
Download the gpx file with the track and the POIs
Download track and POIs

Info selected point (s)

Start point Border Netherlands - Germany
Distance on the E11 from Scheveningen 356 km
Distance to E11 0,00 km
Type Border

End point Border Germany - Polen
Distance on the E11 from Scheveningen 1.355 km
Distance to E11 0,04 km
Type Border

Maps E11 with POIs

E11 Netherlands
- Scheveningen to Amersfoort
- Amersfoort to Deventer
- Deventer to border Germany
- E11 Netherlands (Marskramerpad)

E11 Germany
- Border Netherlands - Goslar
- Goslar - Potsdam
- Potsdam - Frankfurt am Oder (Polish border)
- E11 Germany

E11 Poland
- German border to Obrzycko
- The route of the E11 between Obrzycko and Pamiątkow is unknown
- Pamiątkowo - Toruń
- Toruń - Olsztyn
- Olsztyn to border Lithuania
- E11 Poland

In other languages
- Nederlands

Notes on the map and the table

The track of the E11 is based on data from the website Waymarkedtrails (downloaded in May 2017)
Heights have been added to Waymarkedtrails tracks using the website gpsvisualizer.com.

The exact locations of 'Towns' are based on the locations Google Maps gives. Usually this is somewhere in the center of the town.

The distances in the table and on the map are an approximation!! This is because the actual routes from the E11 to the POI are not included.
The distance from a Point Of Interest (POI) to the E11 is the shortest distance to the E11 in a direct line.

The distances between two POIs (point 1 and point 2) are calculated as follows
Total distance = Distance point 1 to nearest point on the E11 + Distance point 2 to nearest point on the E11 + Distance between the two nearest points on the E11

If points 1 and 2 are close to the E11, the calculated distance is usually a good approximation.
If one of the two points is situated further from E11, the actual distance may differ (significantly) from the calculated distance.

It is recommended to check the route from a starting point to the E11 and from the E11 to the end of a stage! This may e.g. by zooming in on the map and checking for a path or road from the starting point to the E11 and from the E11 to the end point.

The track of the E11 is from different sources and may include errors. Also, the recorded POIs may include errors! It is recommended to check the track and points before walking the path!


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